Carcar Lechon in Cebu, Philippines: The best lechon in the country?!

It’s time to tackle one of the most controversial questions that has been plaguing the country for decades, and that is: Which place has the best lechon???

Cebu’s roasted suckling pig is always in the running, and I was able to sample this at Carcar City’s public market earlier this year. Apparently, their pigs are bathed in pig broth and roasted pig drippings. Unlike the Tagalog variety, their lechon tastes great as it is and does not need to be dipped in vinegar. It was indeed awesome, very flavorful, so juicy and tender, but I was so disappointed because our order didn’t have crispy lechon skin! Maybe it’s a separate order but I was by then too lazy to come back and get more. At least I was able to taste the skin during the free taste.

Anyway, I have tried lechon at Bohol and Iligan City and they are also SUPERB! I am more inclinded towards Iligan City’s simply because it seems to have more complex variety of flavors.





Scenes from Carcar’s lechon market. They close at around 8pm though.


What is the best lechon you have ever had???

Here are some answers I gathered from industry experts, travel bloggers and other foodies in-the-know:

Moreno Benigno of the wonderful Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicilian Roasts in Mactan, Ceby believes the best lechon can be found on Sunday mornings at the town of Liloan in Cebu. I told him I always eat at Liloan’s Liempo at SM Foodcourt in Mall of Asia. There must really be something special about Liloan!

Edgar Allan Zeta-Yap of Eazy Travel Blog agrees with Carcar being number 1 and added Ormoc City to number 2. His number 3 is Iligan.

Shugah Pauline Gonzales of  Wander Shugah blog puts Bukidnon lechon at number 1 followed by Ormoc City and then Iligan.

Weng Cajucom Bulaon says Iligan has the best lechon. Sexy traveler Terry May Ann Somera agrees.

For writer and trainer Gege Sugue, it is General’s Lechon. According to her, “They come in flavors. I loved the Curry flavor. Just amazing. But I also like their regular, which is garlic flavor. I like Sabroso’s next. It’s so hard to choose among the Visayan versions. But lechon is always best if you’re having the whole pig because you can choose the parts you like. If you buy by the kilo, you might end up with the parts that are too lean and therefore dry.”

Finally, longtime Cebu resident Atty. Chloe Osano’s preference is Alejo’s Lechon in Cebu City. “They had it years before there was CNT, Zubuchun or Rico’s”, she added.

I guess for now, my quest for the best lechon in the country continues. Clearly there are still so much to try!

P.S The chicharon here in Carcar was great, too!


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