Enchanting Bega Falls in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur

Perhaps Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur’s most famous tourist spot, Bega Falls is a gorgeous three-tiered water curtain flowing on massive limestone boulders. There are other smaller waterfalls connected to it that one can reach with a bit of climbing. It is part of the Bega River System that has seven major waterfalls. My guide Loloy kept telling me that I was so lucky because we went there on a weekday and we were the only people. Apparently it’s very crowded on weekends. It is around 30-minute ride away from the city center.

Actually, I’m planning to come back to Agusan as there are jungles, caves, waterfalls, rivers and other wild nature to explore. Not to mention peatlands, another strange terrain I am curious to see.

Bega Falls is absolutely wonderful.


Sleeping time in Bega Falls.





Still another picture of me from another angle.


One has to be very careful crawling down these slippery rocks.


There are also cottages and cabana’s around this waterfalls.


Lush trees and greeneries surround this gorgeous waterfalls.


A Note on Poverty in Mindanao

Loloy was my cheerful and humorous guide for this day visit to Bega Falls last December. When I asked him why he doesn’t have a helmet for himself or his passenger, he replied that he still hasn’t finished paying for his bike and making money is really tough. I was shocked to hear that the motorcycle store is charging 60% interest on the monthly fees. He was hoping to save up enough money to come to Manila although he doesn’t know anybody there. He just wants to try his luck, or in Tagalog, “makipagsapalaran”. To discourage him, I told him how miserable it is to be poor in Manila, sometimes people eat “pagpag” or leftover foods that are re-cooked/refried (e.g.,chicken from the fastfood chains). THAT shocked him.

This kind of poverty in the farflung provinces is what’s causing overcrowding and all its attendant effects (like crimes, pollution and flooding) in Manila. I do not blame people, take note, for they only want to take a chance and improve their lives. Rather, I think of structural solutions to address this problem, like promoting tourism and fixing the roads and peace and order there, which will open up a lot of job opportunities.


Loloy hamming it up for the camera.


The locals in Prosperidad are so kind and cheerful.


Loloy even accompanied me wait for my bus at the bus terminal.



There are many turo-turo and simple restaurants in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur.


Come join me in my adventures in the Philippines!


How to go to Bega Falls:

Love Mindanao has a detailed blog post on how to go to this waterfalls, including transportation costs.

Here is the number of my guide Loloy, he is excellent. He even took me hiking. 09487882695


This is the Facebook page of the Tourism Office of Prosperidad.

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