Excellent Tour D of El Nido via Northern Hope Tours

If you’re looking to do island-hopping in the Philippines, you can’t go wrong with El Nido, Palawan. Its clear turquoise lagoons, dramatic beaches with dark cliffs and white sand beaches make it, according to Conde Nast Traveller, one of the best islands in the world. I keep coming back to El Nido through the years, often with my hiking clients, simply because it showcases one of the best nature and tourism experiences that the country has to offer.

Last June 2019, I went back to El Nido to do Tour D for the umpteenth time, this time with three fellow bloggers to try what Northern Hope Tours has to offer. Northern Hope Tours has been in the business for nine years now and has been getting rave reviews from satisfied customers.  The novelty here was the addition of Small Lagoon (which used to be in Tour C) and “the secret cave” which I will describe below.


Before my fellow bloggers and I rode our tour boat, we stopped by Bellitta Tours to chitchat with the owners. We used their boat for that day. Ice and Zyla resigned from their cushy jobs as managers of call centers in Manila in order to try their luck in El Nido. According to them, this endeavor was a vast improvement for them in terms of health, lifestyle and income. They are so kind and cheerful.


This is the busiest part of the beach in downtown El Nido. This is where the tour boats are docked.


Us bloggers together with Ice (in red shirt) from Belitta Tours.


Our tour boat on our way to the first stop- Pasandigan Beach.


The approach to the beach was lovely.


The cyan-coloured waters were so clear and inviting. The strip of white sand was a bit narrow and the small size gave it a secluded and  ‘private’ feel.



Kayaking is an ideal activity here in Pasandigan Beach. There were hardly any people when we were around. There are also corals and fishes here! Don’t forget to snorkel or swim around if you visit this beach.


Just look at that rich and dazzling turquoise color! No filter of course, just standard light enhancement. 

Here is a quick video I made of Pasandigan Beach in El Nido, Palawan.


Next stop is Cadlao Lagoon. You have to ride a boat or a kayak to reach this area. Thankfully our guide gladly offered to paddle the kayak for me (I gave him generous tip of course), as I didn’t have anymore a partner to go kayaking with. The rental fee for kayak is P300, by the way.


Before we went there however, we stopped at this hidden cave close to the lagoon’s entrance. There is a small hole in the cave and one has to swim from the boat to be able to go inside. Once you’re inside, you’re right inside a small cave with a narrow (measuring 1 foot in width) passage for you to swim through. It gets deeper and deeper. It is like swimming through a canyon inside a cave. I have done this package tour a few times but this is my first time to know about this cave.



After our little adventure in the cave, we explored Cadlao Lagoon.

Kayaking on the these waters with a striking almost neon blue-green color was a fantastic experience! Everywhere you look, your eyes will be blessed with wonderful tropical beach scenery.


Watch my fellow bloggers kayaking in this short video I made of Cadlao Lagoon.


After Cadlao Lagoon, we went to the Small Lagoon in El Nido. To get to this spot one has to go kayaking as well.


It feels great to float on these waters!




Our final stop for Northern Hope Tour‘s Tour A was in the middle of the sea for some snorkeling. I don’t have underwater pics, but there were many fish and corals and it was lovely. ^*

The cost of this little adventure was only P1400 (plus around P600 if you choose to do kayaking twice)! Absolutely worth it, with a great seafood lunch to boot. What an amazing experience.


Northern Hope Tours Contact Information and advance bookings:



AddressSerena St., El Nido, Palawan

Email: northernhopetours@gmail.com
Mobile Numbers:
  • (+63) 939-902-2216 (Smart)
  • (+63) 927-735-3221 (Globe)
  • (+63) 942-375-2441 (Sun)


They also have very attractive and well-priced package tours for a few nights stay in El Nido.

3 Days 2 Nights Package

Code Rate for 2 persons Activities
3D2N-1 7,800 Pesos
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A

4 Days 3 Nights Package

Code Rate for 2 persons Activities
4D3N-1 11,700 Pesos
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour C
4D3N-2 10,800 Pesos
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A
  • Visit to Nacpan Beach
  • Visit to Maremegmeg Beach
4D3N-3 12,900 Pesos
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A
  • Underground River Tour

5 Days 4 Nights Package

Code Rate for 2 persons Activities
5D4N-1 14,700 Pesos
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour C
  • Nacpan Beach
  • Maremegmeg Beach
5D4N-2 16,800 Pesos
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A
  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour C
  • Underground River Tour


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