Lovely Marine Sanctuary in Brgy. Colase, Samboan, Cebu

Samboan, Cebu was a revelation. Despite the lack of tourism facilities (for instance, no stores that sell Piknik or sunblock, very humble eateries) our stay there was charming and enjoyable. I was anxious at first because I had an 80 year old client with me, and I know he’s not used to the discomforts and travails of backpacking that I’m used to. But everything went so well! We had good rooms and the food was not a problem. And the nature was magnificent!

Aside from six beautiful waterfalls and rolling hills, they also have this maarvellous marine sanctuary located right along the highway in Brgy. Colase.


These shots were taken in shallow waters, using my cheap digital camera.



Here is a 40-second video:

And this video is even shorter:


It reminded me of the snorkeling spots I saw in El Nido and Coron. I was so satisfied because even in shallow waters made even more so with the low tides I saw so many fish and other delightful creatures. Sea turtles and whalesharks also love to visit this place, I heard. Our guides assured us this rich marine life extends all over Samboan, and that they have these tropical wonders just a few meters away in their backyards (their houses face the highway rather than the sea). Somehow they were able to preserve it because fishermen don’t use dynamites.


I was surprised when we got there because it’s low tide and the waters were so shallow… I had to be careful not to step on the sharp rocks and corals.


Playing with starfish on the coast.


Even with waters this low you can already see the live corals.

Lesson learned, there are still several sleepy little-known towns out there teeming with marine life and lush nature that deserve promotion. And they should be preserved and protected!

Come to the small and sleepy little town of Samboan, Cebu and marvel at Nature’s beauty!


Here are more underwater shots of this utterly delightful marine sanctuary:















Important Tips:

  1. Don’t forget to wear proper footwear like aqua shoes, as the sand is quite rocky and has a lot of sharp corals.
  2. As of December 2016, lifevests are not available at the Marine Sanctuary (They are just starting out and have little budget.). If you are not comfortable snorkeling in deep waters, wear a vest (which you can rent from some tour operators like my tour guide James, details below) because it’s really hard to snorkel in the shallow parts. The corals are tall and you will hit them with your legs. 
  3. There are no stores nearby so bring snacks. 


How to Go to Marine Sanctuary in Samboan, Cebu:

From Cebu City, ride the bus to Samboan. Take note that this is a very long bus ride, I think 5 hours! The fare is around P200 per person.

From the bus drop-off point, ride a tricycle or motorcycle going to the Marine Sanctuary for around P100.

You may also opt to go downtown for P20-50. There are accomodations in this town for around P1000/room.

Don’t forget to tip your guides to the waterfalls and to the marine sanctuary. 

My recommended guide while in Samboan is James. He is very polite and kind and he even welcomed my client and I to his house. He brought us to the different tourist spots in Samboan. He also provides a car. His number is 09334455683

To quote Adrenaline Romance website

“To save money and to make the most of your trip, we highly recommend doing the Samboan waterfall trilogy. Head off to the Aguinid visitor’s center, and tell the guides there that you want to have a packaged habal-habal transportation to take you to the three main waterfalls in Samboan—Dau, Binalayan, and Aguinid Falls.

That will cost you P250 per person, which includes waiting time. This excludes entrance fees to the waterfalls”.

For more information, contact Samboan Tourism Officer Irwin P. Gamallo at 0925-5061879. 

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