Podcasts to Listen to While Stuck (yet somehow bored) in Paradise

Here is a list of my favorite podcasts to listen to while travelling:

  1. Dan Carlin’s 6-part Hardcore History podcast about World War 1 called “Blueprint for Armageddon”. What an incredible feat for Mr. Carlin, what an amazing show! By focusing on the dramatic, the idiosyncratic, the very human, he makes history come alive. In this chronological account of the 4-year war, strewn with excerpts from different history books including analyses from historians and eyewitness accounts, as well as his own indignations and cogitations, Mr. Carlin’s erudition, compassion, and humanity shine through. His readings of soldiers’ accounts of rare and precious moments of spontaneous camaraderie between warring camps are the highlight of the podcast for me. I also think he has a very fair view of the Germans, pretty refreshing considering how Americans love to vilify them.

    Mr. Carlin eschews simplistic answers to the big questions. In assessing the cause of military disasters, for instance, his nuanced approach considers human follies and ignorance, sheer bad luck, the condition of the terrain, and technological shortcomings. After having Mr. Carlin accompany me auditorily on my late night rides back to Cavite for the past months (the whole 6-part podcast clocks in at a total of 21 hours) I feel like he is now a dear friend. There’s so much information and insight I got here, even things I never imagined would interest me, like the history of the Balkans, the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the history of the Romanov’s, etc. So many fascinating trivia and tidbits, the forgotten details that the history books glossed over and yet are so full of drama and so rich with universal meanings and lesson. If you’re a history buff, check this out.

    You can download episodes from his website here.

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