Seven Waterfalls Hike at Sambangan in Bali, Indonesia


Last December I hiked and visited seven waterfalls in one day in Bali, Indonesia. I have done sightseeing in Bali twice and I believe this is one of the most satisfying outdoors activities one can do there.

This was at the northern part of Bali called Sambangan, which is not so touristy. I found out about it while staying at Bedugul area. Someone gave us this brochure called “Sambangan Secret Garden 7 Waterfalls” for the hikes and of course I excitedly signed up. Another advantage is that this is a community effort by Darwis Tunjug Mekar which is the official organization of tour guides in Sambangan.

The 7 Air Tenjun Sambangan Tours fetches you from your hotel. It is about 15minute ride or 4 km away from the main town of Singaraja.

Short and medium treks were available but of course I opted for “long trekking” (6 hours). The hike started at Tiying Tali Dam and passed through different plantations (coffee, cacao, snake fruit, etc), rice paddies and occasional houses at the farming village. After reaching the first waterfalls, you will pass by lush jungle trails and then crossing more rice paddies to go to the next village, etc.


Here are the pictures of the waterfalls:






I really enjoyed this hike because we didn’t meet anybody else in the lush forest (the tourists tend to congregate only at the two main waterfalls, which we reached last, as the first five required longer hikes). If you are lucky, you could even see monkeys and iguanas. They also prepared very nice packed lunch for us, wrapped in bamboo. Very simple food but so tasty!


Cemara Waterfalls is very high and you can’t go near it because of the very strong gush of water. It is named Cemara after the fir trees that grow all around it. I loved how peaceful it is there.



This 10-meter Kembar/Twin Waterfalls is one of the most famous tourist spots in Sambangan, Bali and this is of course part of the Seven-Waterfalls Day Trek. One thing I noticed, they like to put the Indonesian flag in their nature destinations. Also, I noticed a number of those little tray offerings for the gods scattered everywhere, perhaps to ask the nature spirits not to put the tourists in any harm. Apparently people can also jump and slide here but of course I didn’t do it…¬†ūüėȬ†I need more swimming lessons~






Meawhile, Aling-aling waterfalls is 30m high and one of the tallest in Bali, Indonesia. I didn’t swim here at all; actually I stayed very briefly, not even for decent pictures, as it was drizzling and the spray of the water was just too cold. The fact that there are so many waterfalls concentrated in Bali was for me so surprising. This was the last waterfalls. On our way back, we passed by this rock wall with hanging vines and I immediately thought I’d pose there for a shot. (I always like to put myself in the midst of nature, looking small and surrounded by beauty).





Another thing that I loved about this day trek is the glimpse of Balinese countryside. I love these quiet villages.¬† This is quite refreshing because in the more popular spots of Bali, one can see that tourism development is happening at a frenetic pace, especially in Ubud where rice paddies and fields are being converted into guesthouses and hotels. You really can’t stem the tide of progress…. but I still believe we can manage the pace so it doesn’t destroy us. What will happen to the locals if they destroy the very thing that tourists come to visit in the first place?

Here are pictures of the trail that passes by rice paddies and local villages:




My guide pointing out the snake fruit tree in the trail:


And of course, as always, I am thrilled to encounter cats in any place I visit.


How to Go to Sambangan, Bali, Indonesia

Car service and recommended tour guide in Bali:

Car rental services are quite cheap in Bali so I recommend that you just rent a car to bring you there. Some are as cheap as $40/day for 8 hours.

My highly recommend driver and tour guide is Wayan Balik, owner of Bali Ari Tours, I wrote an enthusiastic review about him at his Trip Advisor Page. He is available for half day, whole day and overnight stay tours around Bali. 


His number is 081 23 99 51 80. You can also add him at Whatsapp 

How to Book your Tour for the Seven Waterfalls Hike in Sambangan, Singaraja

The tour operator in Sambangan is called “7 Air Terjun Sambangan”.

They have a Trip Advisor page


website: (no longer working it seems)

Take note that you don’t have to worry about booking them in advance or contacting them. If you go to Sambangan Village, you will pass by the tourism checkpoint area; it is right by the road. They have many guides available. If you do not book in advance, you will just wait a bit while they prepare your packed lunch.

Duration and Price:

Short trek- 2.5 hours for IDR150 000 for two from my Trip Advisor research 

Medium trek- 3-4 hours

Long Trek: 5 -6 -forgot already how much we paid here

Here is the brochure I got from them:




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