Sparkling Stalactites and Stalagmites at Panhulugan Cave in Sohoton National Park, Basey, Samar

The sparkling stalactites and stalagmites at Panhulugan Cave in Sohoton National Park, Basey, Samar are stunning. An incredible place to admire the splendor and beauty of nature, these spectacular structures were formed through millions of years of drip-dripping of liquid with magical minerals reacting with enchanting elements. They say that the biggest caves in the country can be found in Samar, that’s a goal for me in this lifetime.


Me surrounded by beautiful rocks!


Our guide showing off some unusual and funny shapes to my client.


Shimmering and sparkling crystals in the stalactites of Panhulugan Cave.



More beautiful rock formations to feast one’s eyes on.


My client and I at the end of the cave tour.


Myself as a very satisfied tourist outside the cave entrance.


How to Go to Panhulugan Cave in Sohoton National Park:


From Tacloban  City, ride a Multicab to go to New Bus Terminal. The fare is only P7. Then, ride the van or jeepney to Basey. Travel time is less than an hour. There are vans leaving for Basey as early as 6am.

From Basey, just walk to the Municipal Tourism Office where the staff will arrange for your motorcycle or tricycle ride to the river dock. The EV Learners website has information on the prices for the boat tours. 

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