The smaller streams and scenic trails of Kawasan Falls, Alegria, Cebu

Kawasan in Alegria, Cebu is one of the most admired and popular waterfalls in the Philippines. However, when I went there last December it was rainy and the strong gust of waters scared me. I didn’t even try to swim as the water was way too cold.


I ended up exploring the upper parts of the stream instead, a gorgeous trail leading to several smaller waterfalls. The flora is so lush and fantastic and everything is so scenic. The only people we met there are a few canyoneers that started in Badian, Cebu and who are jumping down 20-feet high waterfalls to reach Kawasan. (I could’ve done canyoneering too but I remember that story of that lady who did the wrong jump and who had broken her back and who is now paralyzed.)


For sure I would love to go back to Kawasan Falls and hang out at the upper trails, bring picnic food and enjoy the lush greenery around me. As it was, I really loved walking along the trails to the smaller waterfalls and pools found all throughout the trail. What an incredibly beautiful place!


The majestic Kawasan Falls. Note that the color of the water was green this time rather than blue because of the heavy rains.


The trails in Kawasan Falls

From the main waterfalls, you can go through the trails and reach other streams and parts of the area.



Love being surrounded by greeneries!

And here’s a closer shot:


I love these big crawling roots:


Going back to the big waterfalls, we passed by this old abandoned dam. Perfect for a pictorial!


To people who say I am DAM fine, my answer to that is: YES!


One of the smaller waterfalls in Kawasan Park


Back to the noisy and crowded main waterfalls:


Finally, one last look at Kawasan Falls. It was almost closing time at the park and people have left. Peace at last!


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