Tranquil Lake Beratan Temple in Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia

I had the opportunity to visit Lake Beratan Temple this year when I decided to go sightseeing in Bedugul area. Bedugul is a gorgeous mountain lake resort area in Bali which is a little like a combination of Tagaytay and Lake Sebu. The place boasts of three crater lakes, one of which was located right in front of the villa where I stayed, the fabulous Puri Candikuning Retreat. Luckily, Puri Candikuning offered free canoe rides to the temple and the boatman gave us an hour to enjoy the scenery.


The main temple itself is quite small, on a little island which one reaches through a narrow wooden walkway. I liked that tourists aren’t allowed to enter. Although the main temple is small, the religious complex itself is quite big. And a bit topsy-turvy due to some repairs and the addition of smaller, modern structures. As usual, I was so fond of the old buildings made of volcanic rocks that are covered by moss.


This was perhaps the 6th major temple I have visited in Bali and frankly wasn’t looking to see more. Maybe if I was with someone who could point out to me the cultural significance and elements, I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more. To an untrained eye like mine, “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. What I was able to appreciate more was the beauty of the place, esp. something like this located in a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains.

Tourist boats lined next to the jetty that leads to the temple.



The temple itself is quite small. Only praying people can enter.


The temple grounds.
None sacks of cement on the right side of the picture. The temple grounds is under renovation, but tourists are welcome to visit.

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